ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Calling all fishers to action!

Torn Blue Fringe ~ A myth

The extremist anti-fishing and boating group, the National Parks Association, which is a NON government organisation, is clearly showing by its latest move, that it has no respect for the views held by 1 million plus NSW voters, who go fishing and boating each year.

The NPA has fired their next salvo, forcing their bigoted, biased and devoid of any scientific evidence report, The “Torn Blue Fringe” onto Government Ministers through an on online email campaign to Carmel Tebbutt, the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment and cc’d both Nathan Rees, NSW Premier and Catherine Cusack, Shadow Minster for Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability, calling for them to implement the recommendations of The Torn Blue Fringe report.

This extremist group and their “Torn Blue Fringe” report is nothing more than an ambit and unsubstantiated claim over all the coastal waters of NSW.

Time has come fellow fishers and boaters, to get off our collective butts and draw a line in the sand.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Politicians of this state need to be sent a very clear message, starting now.  Any further consideration of the NPA’s report, or any approach by other Marine Park supporters that attacks fishing as the only cause of damage to our marine life will no longer be tolerated, and this will be reflected at the ballot box!

Professor Kearney’s report has publicly refuted the “Torn Blue Fringe” and further exposed it for the worthless unsubstantiated waste of paper that it is!  

Of course would you expect anything less from an extremist anti-fishing/boating group, who still has not responded formally to the Kearney report, as if they could? They rather show their contempt by attempting to hoodwink the public, by asking them to bludgeon State Ministers into believing that their unscientific “Torn Blue Fringe” is the right way to go, and should be implemented immediately.

As for the NPA’s additional drive, insisting on larger protection zones for Grey Nurse Sharks, the current research will not be completed until late 2009.  Unfortunately this seems to be standard procedure for the NPA to act before the correct information is available.

The NPA should be condemned for its continued attack on fishing and boating as the only threat to our marine animals and aquatic environment.  The organisations track record of producing many misleading and flawed reports, whilst ignoring and addressing all the issues must be questioned, thus its accountability and use of state tax payer dollars must be reduced or stopped.

Surely the current NSW Labor government already have enough on its plate trying to fix the unfixable.

Well here is your chance to to be heard!

Join our E-Lobby by following the link below and filling out the information we will send off to the relevant Ministers and their opposites your concerns. You don't have to open your email or anything time consuming, just find in the required details and a email will be generated and sent off. If selected it will even send you a copy of your email. No company or orginsation logos will appear on the email.

We ask that you, your friends and family all send off this email in order that this state government receives a clear and unambiguous message that we have had enough!

On behalf of all the supporting organizations I thank you all.

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P.S. Whilst we fully support this; it is not a Sportsfish campaign. It is a fisho's campaign. All we have done is provide the technical detail and system to facilitate this e-lobby. Any groups, web sites that wish to promote and support this will be, if they require, acknowledged by way of their logo and link above.