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Send a message to the NSW Environment Minster - Torn Blue Fringe
Monday, November 19, 2018
Hon Carmel Tebbutt
Minister for the Environment
Level 30, GMT
1 Farrer Place
Sydney 2000

Cc: Hon Nathan Rees, NSW Premier
Cc: Hon Duncan Gay, Deputy Opposition Leader & Shadow Minister for Industry
Cc: Hon Catherine Cusack, Shadow Minster for Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability

Dear Minister,

Torn Blue Fringe ~ A Myth

Imposing such draconian and restrictive Marine Parks that are based on minimal scientific fact in order to protect our coastal state waters for future generations is not the correct answer.

Professor Bob Kearney, a marine scientist with some 40 years experience, along with several other well known scientists reviewed the Torn Blue Fringe report on behalf of the NSW Recreational Fishers and found very little science or fact supporting the NPA’s report.

There is also no NSW based evidence that locking up vast areas of productive fishing grounds in Marine Parks provides the benefits stated in the Marine Parks Act, as fishing is not the real threat. There is evidence that marine parks do impact on local communities, businesses, regional economies, tourism and both recreational and commercial fishers.

I am writing to ask you to refute the recommendations of The Torn Blue Fringe report. This would not help create the world's best protection for NSW oceans and the marine life that calls it home.

In particular I urge you to immediately refute The Torn Blue Fringe as:

1. A document not based on scientific facts and further it misrepresents the truth.

And further:

1. Independent scientific evidence - To implement an approved research methodology and suitable projects that will identify once and for all what is impacting our marine environment and if such claims that Recreational and Commercial Fishers are the cause of any major problems with the marine habitat or fish stocks before imposing any further draconian restrictions disguised as Marine Parks or Protect Areas.

2. Grey Nurse Habitat and Sanctuary Zones – To allow for the current research to be completed and its findings to determine if any additional protection is required for the currently listed endangered Grey Nurse Shark.

3. A formal acknowledgement that no additional marine parks and sanctuary areas along the NSW coast will be implemented within the next 10 years.

4. That the current state tax payer funding to the National Parks Association be reduced by 50% immediately, the other 50% to be apportioned to the Recreational and Commercial Fishing sector to provide for additional research as noted above.

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I look forward to receiving your formal response to the points I have raised above.

Yours sincerely,

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